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East-line Logistics is the service provider for your air cargo shipments. We provide excellent service for shipments that need to be picked up or delivered anywhere in the world. Our air cargo specialists are at your service throughout the process, ensuring that your air cargo shipments are shipped and delivered as quickly as possible.

Speed, Flexibility and Knowledge

Speed, flexibility and knowledge are the strengths of our air freight department. Our experienced staff handles your goods as carefully as you do yourself. Each stage of air transportation is closely monitored to ensure that your shipments arrive at their destination with both the safety and speed you expect.

Administration and Documentation

We handle both administration and documentation before and after the flight, so you don’t have to worry about this.

Excellent Service

East-line Logistics guarantees excellent service for all air freight shipments. Our specialists monitor every step of your shipment so that it arrives at its destination as quickly and safely as possible.

Our reach
Our reach

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