ATR Documentation: Everything you need to know

If you are transporting goods to or from Turkey, an ATR document is a must-have. This document is intended to facilitate trade between the European Union and Turkey. It ensures that you do not have to pay import duties on certain products, so you can rest assured that your transport will go smoothly and without unnecessary delays at customs.

What is an ATR document?

An ATR document (or ATR certificate) is a document that certifies that exported or imported goods meet the requirements of the European Union and Turkey for trade between the two countries. The document is important to smooth the transportation of goods through customs. Having an ATR document is an essential part of the process to ensure there are no unexpected delays due to customs issues.

Who can prepare an ATR document?

To prepare an ATR document, find a true specialist. A specialist familiar with the rules and regulations governing the transportation of goods between the European Union and Turkey. Fortunately, there are several companies that offer ATR document preparation services. They can help you prepare the document and avoid unnecessary problems with customs.

What are the benefits of an ATR document?

Having an ATR document has several advantages. First, it ensures that your transport is smooth and without unnecessary delays at customs. Second, it allows you to avoid paying import duties on certain products. Finally, it helps to ensure that your goods meet European Union and Turkish requirements

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